Ordering  By  Body  Measurements:
          MSpompon CO.,Ltd  recommends that you measure your team members for the best fit possible. We are happy to convert your team

          measurements into sizes for you, or you may use the size charts below as a sizing guide. Please send us your body measurements.

          Please be very careful when measuring or choosing sizes for your team as custom made uniforms are not returnable.

          Please see our MEASURING GUIDELINES below for more information.


          Please measure with a cloth measuring tape, not tight. And you'd better have the same person measure all team members

          for consistency. Wear the same type undergarments you plan on wearing with your uniform during measuring.


(1) FRONT-LENGTH: From top of shoulder (where neck & shoulder meet) over fullest part of bust to waistline (where waistband of skirt will be worn).

(2) CHEST: Around fullest part of chest under arms with arms down. Keep tape measure straight around back.

(3) WAIST: Around part of waist where skirt waistband will be worn-normally over belly button.

(4) SLEEVE: Top of shoulder ridge to bottom of wrist bone.

(5) HIPS: Around fullest part of hip area.

(6) INSEAM: Form inner leg at crotch to desired length.

(7) BACK: From neck bone (bump) to waistline-where waistband of skirt will be worn.

(8) SKIRT-LENGTH: From bank at waistline (where skirt waistband will be worn) to desired length on leg.

(9) SHOULDER: Ridge of left shoulder bone, across neck to bridge of right shoulder bone.

(10) DRESS-LENGTH: From back at top of shoulder (where neck & shoulder meet) down to desired length on leg.